Taya Feed Mill Products

Taya Feed Mill Co manufactures a variety of products including for livestock and poultry feed

Welcome to Taya Feed Mill Co

Developing feed line products of various kinds & Keep up with advanced techniques of feed production

Taya Feed Mill Logistics

Taya Feed Mill plant owns an extensive fleet of trucks and specially manufactured vehicles for handling, transporting and distributing rough materials and produced feeds


Our present is characterized by all that calls for working at a constant and continuous pace on development and improvement and what guarantees gaining more expertise and expanding in specialty fields on a basis of great professionalism and high-quality, and since KSA is characterized by its wealth and increasing animal resources - thanks to God Almighty - which requires keeping pace with this development .

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Welcome To Taya Feed Mill Co

Taya Feed Mill Company is a subsidiary of Taya Agricultural Co., Ltd. which is Affiliate of Taya Holding which was established in the early eighties as one of the most prominent investment groups in the Kingdom thanks to the diversity of its activities which include the real-estate, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors and it operates business locally and externally. The establishment of Taya Feed Mill was upon a five-year plan intended for transformation from traditional agriculture in line with a thorough vision and study of the local, regional and international markets. The factory's work is to produce combined feed and develop methods of feeding animal resources to achieve maximum benefit in the field of feeding and avoiding the currently used traditional methods which cause excessive waste of resources on all levels.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a summit peak issue for Taya feed mill plant as it reflects one of its core values and belief on substantial involvement in every aspect and promote the principle of mutual cooperation to contribute to the development of its development.

Composite feed safety

TFMC grants an utmost priority to product’s safety.

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Food security

The plant plays a crucial role as it is a tributary of local food security.

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Water supply security

In this aspect sets TFMC takes high consumption rates.

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